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Au Bon Vieux Temps

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Au Bon Vieux Temps

Address: 12 Rue Marche aux Herbes
Brussels, Belgium

Web Address:

Au Bon Vieux Temps

Description:  This is an absolutely stunning bar located on an alley in the old town of Brussels.  It is almost a religious experience to enter this small bar and have a beer.  If you think drinking beer brings you closer to God, then this is the place to come.  Beautiful stained glass, artwork, and ornate woodwork adorn the surroundings.  The fireplace is magnificent.  There is bar, booth, and table seating in the small facility.  In operation since 1695, take a moment to enjoy all the antique décor while sitting at the unstained wood bar.  There is inlaid tile in the wood tables and at the base of the bar below the brass foot rail.  This is certainly one of our favorite stops in Belgium for a night cap.

Variety of Pours: Everything is by the bottle in this bar, but oh what a nice selection of about 25 beers.  It includes Corsendonk, Chimey, Rochefort, and Guinness.

Features:  Take a step back in time and enjoy the atmosphere.

Interior Style: Belgian beer hall

Happy Hour Specials:  None

Time Recommendations: Close the night.

Food: None

Smoking Status: Cancer Sticks Permitted, although there is an electronic filter above the bar.

Unique Facts:  The upstairs was previously a restaurant attached to the bar, but now closed and has been converted to an apartment.  Check out the antique coal stove now in the fireplace.  Start looking at the details and more and more surprises await you.

Loudness Factor: This is a place to stop and chat.  Just barely audible music in the background.

Who’s Here:  Locals holding conversations.

Bathrooms: They are located outside and you need to be buzzed in from the bar.  They are surprisingly large and modern with high velocity driers that will blow you away.